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Wysco Products

Wysco Products makes a number of dress-up parts to make your hot rod, muscle car or everyday car look or run dbetter. Some parts are both functional and dress-up. Fan shrouds are often overlooked to improve cooling. The fact is, chrome fan shrouds are impressive because they're right up front where everyone at the car show looks, but they also improve cooling significantly in most situations. Wysco makes: stainless steel radiator hose kits, custom valve covers, unique air cleaners of different styles, chrome fan shrouds, oil caps/breathers, tribar lights, Mustang II spindles, timing chain covers and more.

    Wyscom Products
  • Products Chrome Fan Shrouds
  • Kickout Oil Pans
  • Oval Air Cleaners
  • Round Air Cleaners
  • Timing Chain Cover
  • Aluminum Valve Cover Breathers & Oil Caps
  • Polished Valve Covers
  • Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers
  • Satin Billet Style Pulleys
  • FlexKool Stainless Steel Radiator/Heater Hose Kits
  • Tri-Bar Round Headlight Assemblies
  • Spindles