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Weld Racing Wheels

Weld Racing Wheels has been making alloy racing wheels for many years. Drag racers have run the popular Weld Pro Stars and Weld Drag Stars on street and their drag cars. Weld Wheels has stuck to one main theme with all of their alloy wheels. Build them strong enough for racing applications and make them look great! They're classic gold and aluminum wheels are seen at race tracks across the country. The next time you need an alloy wheel for the street or race track, consider Weld Racing Wheels.

  • Weld American Pro Series Wheels
  • Weld Racing Center Caps
  • Weld Racing Lug Nut Covers
  • Weld Racing Wheel Plugs
  • Weld Racing Lug Nuts
  • Weld Racing Magnum Drag 2.0 - 786 Series Wheels
  • Weld Racing Magnum Import Drag Wheelss
  • Weld Racing Pro Star 96-Series Wheels
  • Weld Racing Rodlite 93-Series Wheels
  • Weld Racing Aluma Star 2.0 - 788 Series Wheels
  • Weld Racing Draglite 90-Series Wheels
  • Weld Racing Magnum Drag 2.0
  • Weld Racing Magnum III Polished Wheel
  • Weld Racing Weldstar Black Anodized Wheel
  • Weld Racing Weldstar Polished Wheel
  • Weld Racing Aluma Star 2.0