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Weiand makes some pretty sweet induction parts for hot rods and performance vehicles. Weiand made the first aluminum intake way back in the day. Today they make 6-71 blowers, many different intakes, aluminum water pumps and a few other hot rod parts.

  • Weiand Intake Manifolds
  • Weiand Street Warrior Intake Manifolds
  • Weiand Intake Manifold EGR Block-Off Plate
  • Weiand Team-G Water Pumps
  • Weiand 144, 174 and 250 Pro Street Superchargers
  • Weiand 6-71 Street Supercharger Kits
  • Weiand 8-71 Street Superchargers
  • Weiand 6-71 Supercharger Pulleys - 1/2'' Pitch
  • Weiand 8-71 Supercharger Pulleys 8mm Pitch
  • Weiand Aluminum Blower Studs
  • Weiand Supercharger Accessories
  • Weiand Supercharger Drive Belt - 3 inches Wide
  • Weiand Supercharger Manifolds
  • Weiand Supercharger information
  • Weiand LS1 Aluminum Intake Manifold
  • Weiand Stealth Ram EFI Intake Manifolds
  • Weiand BB-Chevy Intake Manifold Spacer Plates
  • Weiand Hi-Performance Carburetor Linkage Kits
  • Weiand Electric Water Pump Service Parts
  • Weiand Action-Plus Water Pumps
  • Weiand Hilborn Style Scoop
  • Weiand Carburetor Adapter
  • Weiand Hi-Ram Tunnel Ram Manifold
  • Weiand IMCA Single Plane Intake Manifold
  • Weiand Intake Manifold EGR Block-Off Plate