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Stefs Oil Pans

When you build one type of critical engine part, there's a good chance you're a pro at it. Stefs specializes in oil pans for marine, street, race and strip use. Stefs oil pans are block fitted and leak tested so you get a quality pan. Stefs does make a few related oil system parts to go with their pans.

    Stefs Oil Pans
  • Stefs Aluminum Oil Pans
  • Stefs steel Oil Pans
  • Stefs Cylindrical Dry Sump Tank
  • Stefs Oil Restrictors
  • Stefs Lifter Valley Breather Tubes
  • Stefs 2-Piece Rear Main Seal Adapter Kit
  • Stefs Uni-Direction Windage Screen
  • Stefs Oil Pre-Heaters
  • Stefs Transmission Pans
  • Stefs Dry Sump Tank Mounts
  • Stefs Dry Sump Tanks
  • Stefs Oil System Breather/Overflow Tanks
  • Stefs Vacuum Pump System
  • Stefs Oil Pump Pickups
  • Stefs External/Internal Oil Pump Pickup Kits
  • Stefs Wet Sump Oil Pumps
  • Stefs Oil Pump Stud Kit
  • Stefs Oil Pump Shafts / Block Off Plate
    Stefs Oil Pans
  • Stefs Affordable Aluminum Oil Pan and Pump Series
  • Stefs Afford. Alum. Marine Oil Pan and Pump Series
  • Stefs Nostalgia Series
  • Stefs Puller Wet and Dry Sump
  • Stefs Wet Sump Marine
  • Stefs Dry Sump Marine
  • Stefs Oil Pan and Oil Systems Labor Options
  • Stefs Super Gas, Super Comp, and Pro-Street
  • Stefs Super Stock Eliminator
  • Stefs Competition Eliminator - Wet Sump
  • Stefs Heads Up Fastest Street Car
  • Stefs Wet and Dry Sump Fuel/Alcohol Classes
  • Stefs Import pans
  • Stefs Competition Eliminator - Dry Sump
  • Stefs Pro-Stock/Pro-Mod - Dry Sump
  • Stefs Circle Track Wet Sump
  • Stefs Circle Track Dry Sump