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Performance Automatic Transmissions

For those of you who need a Ford based transmission, Performance Automatic is your go-to company. They specialize in building bulletproof C4, C6, AOD and AODE Ford transmissions. When we say bulletproof, we mean they hold up to crazy amounts of power above what anyone would traditionally think a C4 or AOD tranny would take before it came apart crying. Performance Automatic makes several levels to handle more or less horsepower and torque.

    Performance Automatic Transmission Products
  • C4 Power Planetary
  • C4 Pro Pump
  • C4 Pro Shift Servo
  • Spline Adapter
  • Racing Ford Street/Strip Transmissions
  • Racing GM Street/Strip Transmissions
  • SFI Flexplates
  • 10 Inch Torque Converters
  • Torque Converters
  • Block Plate, Multi-Fit
  • Chrysler 727/904 Transmission Packages
  • Pro Fit System SFI Bellhousings
  • Dipsticks