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Nothing builds horsepower like a blower Paxton makes centrifugal supercharger kits and components for direct applications like Mustang, Corvette, Camaro and Viper. For the most part, these are bolt up type installations and the power gains are tremendous. There aren't many parts that you can bolt on and get the kind of horsepower gains seen by a Paxton blower. Most supercharger kits fit under stock hoods making them a great option for those wanting to build a sleeper. Roots type blowers need space and generally require an aftermarket hood or a hood scoop to get the room for the blower. Paxton's fit on the front of the engine - no tall hood needed.

Paxton superchargers are able to produce additional horsepower starting at 275 on Mustang's and up to 328 in kit form. More power can be built around the Paxton kits, but in their kit form added to a stock Mustang, those are the horsepower claims. A 90-93 Mustang pushes about 225 HP stock. You can more than double it with a Paxton. Pluse, you can generally change pulleys on Paxtons to increase the boost level once you build your motor up a bit from its stock configuration.

Paxton offers air to air coolers to send cooler air into the supercharger. Cool air is more dense than hot air. This generally allows more fuel to be burned and power increased. Air to air coolers act like radiators for the intake, removing heat from the air.

    Paxton Supercharger Kits:
  • 5.0 Mustang Supercharger Kits
  • 4.6 Liter Mustang Paxton Supercharger kits
  • 2005-20010 Mustang Paxton Supercharger Kits
  • Carbureted Mustang Paxton Supercharger Kits
  • Carbureted Mopar Paxton Supercharger Kits
  • Viper Supercharger Kits
  • SRT- Ram Supercharger Kits
  • Ford 5.4 Liter Paxton Supercharger Kits
  • Cadillac Escalade Supercharger Kits
  • Denali Supercharger Kits
  • Hummer H2 Supercharger Kits
  • Corvette Paxton Supercharger Kits

NOVI Superchargers - These are the units that have been around since the mid 90's. They haven't changed much. Why change a great thing? NOVI units feature a race proven system of billet steel helical cut gears and high end/high speed bearings. These blowers can withstand 900+ horsepower. You can change the pulley for increased boost and horsepower. The internal lubrication system also cools the unit.

NOVI SL Superchargers - NOVI SL's are a great leap forward for centrifugal superchargers. Earlier NOVI superchargers were not self lubricating. The new SL line of Novi superchargers stands for "Self Lubricating". Old style superchargers required a line to be installed between the oil pan/system and the unit. The new line eliminates that line and makes it easier to install Paxtons. NOVI SL's have their own oil reservoir that can be drained and refilled without removing the supercharger from the vehicle.