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Nitrous Express

Thinking of putting your car on the bottle? Nitrous Express has a kit or the parts you need to get a nitrous system under your hood. Nitrous is the magic gas that makes you go fast. Nitrous mixing with your air fuel mixture allows more fuel to be burned giving you that power shot. If you're racing, you'll need Nitrous Express parts to get the staging right. Nitrous Express can help.

    Nitrous Express Products
  • Lightning 45 Bottle Valves
  • Nitrous Bottle Remote Opener Kit
  • Master Flow Check Kit
  • Nitrous Pressure Gauge
  • N-Ter Cooler Chiller
  • Next Generation Nitrous Bottle Heater Kit
  • Maximizer 3 Progressive Controller
  • 40-Amp Relay W/ Harness
  • Wide Open Throttle Switch
  • Pro Shark Kit
  • Stage One EFI Systems
  • Nitrous System Purge Valve Kit
  • Stage Six System
  • Camaro Nitrous Systems
  • Hitman Kit
  • MainLine Nitrous Systems
  • Proton Nitrous Kits