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Lucas Oil

When you need high performance lubrication, you need Lucas Oil products. High performance race cars, boats and other vehicles use Lucas Plus and synthetic oils to protect their monster horsepower engines for long life. Lucas formulates all of their lubrication products to the highest degree possible so you get the performance you demand.

    Lucas Oil also makes a number of transmission and lubrication products:
  • Lucas "Plus" Petroleum Racing Oil
  • Lucas Engine Break-In Oil Additive
  • Lucas Fuel Treatment
  • Lucas Heavy Duty Gear Oil
  • Lucas Heavy Duty Oil Stabilizer
  • Lucas Octane Booster
  • Lucas Oil Assembly Lube
  • Lucas Oil Red 'N' Tacky Grease
  • Lucas Oil Synthetic Oil Stabilizer
  • Lucas Oil X-tra Heavy Duty Grease
  • Lucas Power Steering Stop-Leak
  • Lucas Pro-Stock Synthetic Racing Oil
  • Lucas Slick Mist Detail Spray
  • Lucas Synthetic Gear Oil
  • Lucas Synthetic High Performance Motor Oil
  • Lucas Transmission Fix