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Jax Wax

Few products it seems these days live up to their claims. Jax Wax has a history of providing automotive detailing products for professional use. Pros swear by Jax Wax cleaners, waxes and more. Now you can shine your car like a pro and get that same quality and ease of use. If you need car wash and wax products, review the Jax Wax line. You'll love it.

  • Jax Wax Carnuba wax
  • Jax Wax Body Shine Spray Wax
  • Jax Wax Carnauba Brazil Paste Wax
  • Jax Wax Liquid Carnauba Cherry Wax
  • Jax Wax Swirl Remover
  • Jax Wax Finesse Swirl Remover
  • Jax Wax Hawaiian Shine - "Wax as You Dry"
  • Jax Wax Super Suds Soap
  • Jax Wax Bug Zapper Remover
  • Jax Wax Bug Zapper Remover
  • Jax Wax Super Citrus Cleaner
  • Jax Wax Professional Grade Clay Bar
  • Jax Wax Tire Shine Aerosol
  • Jax Wax Adhesive Remover
  • Jax Wax Dash Vent Magic