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Intercomp is best known for their precise measuring devices. From car weight scales to accurate tire pressure gauges to engine building tools, Intercomp is the company to look to for accurate racing tools and race car setup tools

    Intercomp Products
  • SW500 E-Z Weigh Scale
  • SW650RFX Quik Weigh Wireless Scale
  • SW777RFX Professional Wireless Scale
  • Digital Adjustable Valve Spring Pressure Tester
  • Torque Wrench Tester
  • Digital Adjustable Valve Spring Pressure Tester
  • On-Head Digital Valve Spring Pressure Tester
  • Digital Air Pressure Gauge
  • Tire Pressure Gauges
  • Mini-Infrared Laser Temperature Gun
  • Bubble Caster/Camber Gauge
  • Chassis Set-Up Angle Finder
  • Digital Caster/Camber Gauge
  • Dunlop Style Wheel Adapter