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Intake Manifold

There are many different types of intake manifolds out there to choose from. Some will let you run 2 barrel carburetors, single 4 barrels, dual 4 barrel carbs, three deuces, tunnel rams and more. Intake manifolds should be matched to your engine application and what you're using the vehicle for. Intake manifolds are 1 important piece in the whole engine puzzle. All of the engine components should be matched. Cams and valvetrains usually are matched closely with the intake manifold. The type of manifold chosen can add low end torque or higher end power depending on the intake chosen.

4 barrel intake manifolds come in several configurations. The plenum shape can be single plane, dual plane, 4 hole or a few other types. Intake manifolds also can be low profile or taller like a tunnel ram. Low profile intakes also help you get the induction system under some low hoods.

    Carbureted Intake manifolds
  • Single Plane Manifolds
  • Dual Plane Manifolds
  • Tunnel Ram Manifolds
  • Dart Intake Manifolds
  • Edelbrock Intake Manifolds
  • Ford Racing Intake Manifolds
  • Holley Intake Manifolds
  • Mopar Intake Manifolds
  • Weiand Intake Manifolds
  • World Intake Manifolds
    Fuel Injected Intake manifolds
  • BBK Intake Manifolds
  • Ford Racing Intake Manifolds
  • FAST Intake Manifolds