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Hurst Automatic & Manual Shifters

Another iconic name in hot rodding is Hurst. Hurst shifters are used in many race and street environments. The Quarter Stick is one of the most used automatic shifters for drag racing. It's popular because it works well. They have a lot of shifter options so you can get the one you need and it will be Hurst quality. For 3 - 4 and 5 speed guys, Hurst has a great selection of shifters for any number of standard transmissions.

    Hurst Shifters and Accessories:
  • Solenoid Shift Kit
  • Pistol-Grip Quarter Stick Shifter
  • Pro-Matic 2 Shifter
  • Quarter Stick
  • Quick-Release Mounting Plate Kit
  • V-Matic 2 Shifter
  • 3-Speed Indy Pick-Up Truck Shifter
  • Billet Plus Shifter
  • Billet Plus Truck Shifter
  • Competition Plus Shifters
  • Competition Plus Internal Rail Shifter
  • Competition Plus Truck Shifters
  • Indy Universal 4 Speed Shifter
  • Indy SSA Universal 3 Speed Shifters
  • Master Shift 3 Speed
  • Quick/Stick Shifters
  • Richmond 5-Speed Shifters
  • Street Super Shifters
  • Quarter Stick Shifters
  • Richmond 5 Speed Drag Race Shifters
  • Shifter Boots
  • Shifter Pit Packs
  • Roll Control Kits
  • Shifter Cables
  • Custom Shifter Knobs
  • Pistol Grip Shifter Handles
  • T Handle Style Shifter Knobs
  • Ball Style Shifter Knobs
  • Back-Up Light Switches
  • Competition Shifter Stick for Mustang T-5 Transmissions
  • Pistol Grip Shifter Sticks
  • Quarter Stick Aluminum Cover Kits
  • Quarter Stick Plastic Cover Kits
  • Quick-Release Mounting Plate Kits
  • Replacement Shifter Sticks