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Exhaust Headers

Exhaust headers are one of the best bang-for-the-buck performance upgrades you can make for you vehicle. An exhaust that flows better will deliver better performance. Headers reduce exhaust back pressure which allows engines to breathe better. Back pressure can rob power. Your engine needs some back pressure, but reducing it usually aids engine performance. Today's headers come in different lengths, several options in metal and coatings. That gives you a number of header options. Some headers perform better, but are harder to install. You get the choice with all these manufacturers of headers out there. Most headers that are of any quality are mandrel bent providing smooth bends that help aid exhaust flow. Heavy or thick mounting flanges on headers area a clue that the header is good quality. heavy flanges allow for a proper mounting surface when it mates to your engine. Thick header flanges are less likely to leak or crack.

Shorty headers are made for general applications where space may be limited or to retrofit hot rods and muscle cars or classic trucks. They are not the best choice for top performance usually, but you will see good performance gains from them. Most shorty headers are available form a variety of header manufacturers in steel, painted steel, stainless steel, ceramic coated and a lot more headers options.

Full length headers typically perform better for horsepower gains and torque. They typically flow exhaust gases better. Full length headers extend down to the catalytic converters on newer vehicles. Header collectors are often attached and exhaust extended out from there.

JBA Headers - JBA offers long tube headers, shorty headers for GM, Ford, Mopar, Nissan, Toyota and more. JBA Headers offers stainless steel and ceramic versions of most of its headers.

BBK Headers - BBK is a newer company but makes quality headers for GM, Ford - especially Mustang headers, Mopar, Trucks, BBK Ford Mustang full length headers, BBK Mustang shorty headers and stainless steel headers.

Hooker Headers - Hooker Headers is a legend in the header market. Hooker has built thousands and thousands of headers for everyday street performance and full on race cars. Hooker builds them for GM, Ford, Mopar, sprint car headers, street rods, muscle cars, universal fit and more. Hooker Headers offers them in steel, painted, steel, ceramic coated and more.

Borla Headers - Borla makes a limited number of stainless steel headers. Like all Borla products, Borla headers are top quality.

Doug Thorley Headers are another icon in the industry. Doug Thorley headers are quality and include: Doug Thorley Long Tube Headers, Doug Thorley Shortie Headers and Doug Thorley Tri-Y Headers.

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