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Granatelli Motorsports

Granatelli Motorsports is a name synonymous with speed. In their 70 year race history, Granatelli has been involved with many land speed records, Indianapolis 500 wins and the fastest Modular powered Mustang. They can make cars go fast. Granatelli has become heavily involved with aftermarket performance parts for the Ford Mustang. Granatelli developed several induction parts: mass air meters, mass air computers, cold air kits, throttle bodies and others. For the Mustang chassis, Granatelli built tubular front ends, subframe connectors, rear control arms, adjustable camber plates, strut tower braces and more. In more recent years, they've developed a turbo kit and many other parts.

For the Chevy crowd, Grantelli offers about the same mix of parts for the Camaro and some Corvette performance parts.