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GM Performance Parts

Who better to look to than GM Performance for Chevy crate motor power? GM Performance makes some of the best and most reliable GM Performance Parts out there. They have a range of 350 small blocks, many LS based engines and several Big block Chevrolet engines. Most engines you can get as short blocks, kits and complete long blocks. Some are even ready to run - just drop them in your vehicle and hook them up.

Small block GM engines start with the basic 290 horsepower long block to power up a daily driver or mild street performer. Step up to a small block 350 HO in full trim ready to install and run as is. The ZZ4 350 is available as a 355 HP full trim crate engine with accessories, intake and carburetor included. There are several 383 cubic engine small blocks for a big step up on power and torque. The ZZ 383 is a 425 HP performer.

For you LS based enthusiasts, GM Performance offers a ton of options. After all, GM made the LS. LS engines are based on an aluminum block. Many LS engines were big performers in Camaros and Corvettes. Put one in your street rod or muscle car for an updated, high tech look! Choose from the 327 horsepower LS 327 up to the monster LS 9 at 638 horsepower. With many options of LS crate engines in between, you can find just the right one for your ride.

If it's a Chevy big block you want, a GM big block you can have! Check out the retro ZZ427 for that old school power. 454 and 502 HO crate motors are pushing over 400 horsepower. Then step up to the ZZ572 in 620 horsepower form or the ultimate 720 horse monster. Big block GM crate motors come in several trim levels from short blocks, kits, complete engines and more.