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Gibson Performance Exhaust

Gibson Performance Exhaust has a long history of building quality, bolt up exhaust systems that last and function very well. In the beginning, the Gibson goal was to build exhaust systems for towing and RV type vehicles. They recognized that these vehicles could improve performance with a better exhaust system. Later as the Gibson line expanded, they added performance oriented exhaust kits.

  • Gibson Catback Exhaust Systems
  • Gibson Exhaust Headers
  • Gibson Exhaust Header Gaskets
  • Gibson Exhaust Intermediate Pipe
  • Gibson Exhaust System Kit
  • Gibson Exhaust Tail Pipe Tip
  • Gibson Exhaust Tip
  • Gibson Extension Tip
  • Gibson Gasket for Exhaust Headers
  • Gibson Headers
  • Gibson Mufflers
  • Gibson Extension Pipe
  • Gibson Intermediate Pipe
  • Gibson Exhaust Tail Pipe
  • Gibson Exhaust Tail Pipe