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Fuel Pressure Regulators

Fuel pressure regulators do what you would expect. You can set the pressure of your fuel flow with one. How it regulates fuel pressure is a bit more hard to understand. Fuel pressure regulators are made for fuel injected vehicles and carbureted. Fuel pressures on EFI engines are higher pressure, usually 20-60 PSI. On carbureted engines, fuel pressure is usually between 4-9 PSI. Fuel pressure regulators are totally different and should be bought for each type of induction or engine.

Carbureted engines use a lower pressure regulator. Most fuel pressure regulators for performance applications are adjustable. You can purchase fuel pressure regulators with one inlet and 1 or more outlets to match your carburetion situation. If you're running two 4 barrel carbs, you can run a fuel pressure regulator with 2 or more outlets. A lot of people will also run 2 regulators, one for each carb. Most of the fuel pressure regulators come with 1/8 inch ports to hook fuel pressure gauges up easily. For big horsepower needs, buy a regulator to match the volume of fuel you will be flowing.

Fuel injected vehicles get a little more tricky to understand. Fuel pressure regulators still do the same basic function: Keep pressure constant (usually within 1 PSI). Pressures are higher on EFI based vehicles, so buy a fuel pressure regulator accordingly. When a fuel injected engine is revved up, requiring more fuel, the pressure remains basically constant. To increase the fuel into the cylinders to match the increased air volume, the fuel injectors will spray fuel longer. That flows more fuel into the cylinder, increasing power. Fuel pressure regulators on EFI cars are usually found on the fuel rail(s) on the engine. Some aftermarket fuel pressure regulators are mounted in the stock location, while some can be added anywhere in the engine bay and plumbed into the fuel rail.

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