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Flowmaster Mufflers

Flowmaster put the rumble in the muffler. We all love that muscle car rumble. Flowmaster has made the sound their calling card. Plus they have muffler options so you can get that perfect tone when you're cruising down the street. They make a number of muffler systems in different materials including: Pipe, X-pipes, H-pipes, mufflers, u-fit dual kits, tail pipes and more. Flowmaster 40, 50 and 60 series mufflers are popular choices on American muscle cars.

    Flowmaster Exhaust Kits and Products
  • Header Collector Ball & Socket Flange Kit
  • Pulse Tech Scavenger Collectors
  • Y-Collectors
  • Muffler Heat Shields
  • U-Fit Dual Kits
  • Universal Balance Pipe Kits
  • S-Bends Pipes
  • Scavenger Turndowns
  • Tailpipe Kits
  • Stainless Steel Exhaust Tips
  • American Thunder Tuned Cat-Back Exhaust Systems
  • Diesel Truck Cat-Back Systems
  • Force II Tuned Exhaust Systems
  • Muscle Truck Systems
  • Flowmaster Super 40 Mufflers
  • Super 44 Mufflers
  • Super 44 Off-Road Mufflers
  • 50-Series HD Mufflers
  • Delta Flow 60-Series Mufflers
  • Delta Force Race Mufflers
  • Outlaw Series Race Mufflers
  • Replacement Mufflers
  • Flowmaster Street Mufflers
  • Dual Out Rear/Side Exit Exhaust Kits
  • Mustang Exhaust Systems
  • Single Out Rear Exit Exhaust Systems
  • True Dual Exhaust Systems
  • Tuned Exhaust Systems
  • Header Back Dual Exhaust Kits