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Flexalite has been making electric and belt driven fans for a very long time, keeping high performance cars cool. Flexalite also makes transmission coolers to keep the tranny cool and help it last longer.

  • Flex-a-lite 10,000 RPM Flex Fans
  • Flex-a-lite 1000 Series
  • Flex-a-lite 400 Series
  • Flex-a-lite Cooling Accessories
  • Flex-a-lite Race Fans
  • Flex-a-lite Cooling Accessories
  • Flex-a-lite Adjustable Temp Control Switch
  • Flex-a-lite Variable Speed Control
  • Flex-a-lite Fan Spacers
  • Flex-a-lite Translife Transmission Oil Coolers
  • Flex-a-lite Aluminum Radiators
  • Flex-a-lite Mojave Heater Assembly
  • Flex-a-lite 27'' Electric Puller Fan
  • Flex-a-lite Black Magic & Electra-Fan II Fans
  • Flex-a-lite Black Magic X-treme Electric Puller Fans
  • Flex-a-lite Compact Dual Electric Fans
  • Flex-a-lite Dual Electric Fan - Ford Power Stroke Diesel
  • Flex-a-lite Electra-Fans
  • Flex-a-lite Full Size 15'' Dual Truck Fans
  • Flex-a-lite Jeep CJ Fan
  • Flex-a-lite Low Profile Cooling Fans
  • Flex-a-lite LowBoy Hi-Performance Trimline Electric Fans
  • Flex-a-lite Reversible Pusher/Puller Straight Blade Fans
  • Flex-a-lite S-Blade Cooling Fans
  • Flex-a-lite Scirocco Radiator Fan