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Duplicolor Paint

There are as many surfaces on your car or truck as there are kinds of Duplicolor paints. Duplicolor makes a number of different types of paint so you can paint hot surfaces like engines, special nite lite paint, tire paint, fabric paint, brake caliper get the point. You can find a Duplicolor product for your need. And, they come in a number of different colors so you have good choice there too.

    Duplicolor Paint Products
  • Temporary Shield Protection Paint
  • Truck Bed Coatings
  • Truck Bed Coatings
  • Adhesion Promoter Primer
  • Anodized Metalcast Paint
  • Brake Caliper Paint Kits
  • Nite Lite Paint
  • Paint Shop Paint
  • Metal Specks Paint
  • Mirage Color Shifting Paint
  • Premium General Purpose Paint
  • Self-Etching Prime
  • Spatter Paint
  • Prep Wipe
  • Protective Undercoating
  • Vinyl & Fabric Coatings
  • Wheel Paint
  • Car Art Temporary Paint
  • Effex Paint
  • Engine Enamel
  • High Heat Paint
  • Hot Tires Paint