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Dick Cepek Off Road Tires

Since 1963, Dick Cepek has been making off roading tires that people can actually use off road. They are incredible tires for trucks, SUV's, Jeeps and anything else you want to put them on. Dick Cepek makes 3 main tire lines: Radial F-C II is an all terrain multi-purpose type tire that works well both on and off road. The Mud Country is geared for the mud - simple. Mud Country tires are more suited to muddy conditions, but work well on the street as well. The Dick Cepek Crusher is a hyper-agressive extreme terrain tire. This is the one with the skull and cross bone sidebiters. All tires have 3 ply sidewalls and last well. Dick Cepek also makes some seriously tough looking wheels for your off road ride. They look tough and they actually are tough too. The Torque wheel is a satin black wheel with 8 thick spokes. The DC-1 Black is a mix of black and machined aluminum with 6 spokes. DC-1 Chrome and Dc-1 polished are similar styles, just different finishes. The DC-2 is black and machined finish similar to the DC-1 style.

    Dick Cepek Tires and wheels:
  • Torque
  • DC-1 Black Rims
  • DC-1 Chrome Rims
  • DC-1 Polished Rims
  • DC-2 Black Rims
  • Radial F-C II Tires
  • Mud Country Tires
  • Crusher Tires