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Corsa Exhaust

If you think an exhaust system can't fit you like a glove, you haven't driven a car, or heard one, with a Corsa system. Corsa designs and builds high quality stainless steel systems with no drone sounds like some other systems. Corsa puts a lot of time and research into using their RSC technology to eliminate exhaust drone. Drone is that sound you don't want when you are cruising at low speeds. As you get on it, the Corsa exhaust comes alive in both tone and performance. Each Corsa exhaust system is made specifically for a vehicle so the fit and finish is perfect every time. Plus, the sound is also engineered to the vehicle to get the most out of the exhaust in that way too. Corsa systems are cat back exhaust systems so they are 50 state legal.

  • Corsa reduces back pressure to improve torque and horsepower by building a straight through design.
  • Less back pressure offers the opportunity to better fuel economy by offering your engine an efficient exhaust system.
  • Corsa systems are made with high end 304L stainless steel. Stainless is a long lasting material that is perfect for exhaust systems. You won't need to replace a Corsa exhaust system. Corsa offers one of the best warranties in the exhaust business!
  • All needed hardware is included with good instructions so you can see and install the system quickly and correctly.
  • Corsa is located in Berea Ohio and builds all of their systems in the USA!