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Comp Cams

Comp Cams builds camshafts, lifters, rocker arms, valve springs, valve guides, valve retainers, valve shims and some other valvetrain components. Comp Cams makes a ton of different camshafts. If you're running a mild street car, they have a selection of cams for you. Drag racers have run Comp Cams for years. Comp Cams always seems to have the right grind including roller cams, hydraulic cams, flat tappet cams, for every need.

  • Camshafts
  • Roller Cams
  • Flat Tappet Cams
  • Cams for nitrous applications
  • Mechanical Roller cams
  • Cam Buttons
  • Mechanical Lifters
  • Solid Lifters
  • Roller Lifters
  • Roller Rocker Arms
  • Stainless Rocker Arms
  • Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms
  • Pushrods
  • Guideplates
  • Cam Degree kits
  • Valve Springs