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Centerline Forged Wheels

Centerline Wheels is a 30 + year old forged wheel maker. Yes, you can guess they're good at it by now. Centerline continuously designs new wheel styles so you can have a unique wheel. In the old days of hot rodding, Centerline Wheels was a top player. Today they are still at the top. They are one of the largest wheel makers in the country.

    Centerline Wheels
  • Sniper Wheel
  • Stingray III Wheel
  • Telstar Wheel
  • Warrior Drag Wheel
  • Warrior Street Wheel
  • Competition Series CRS-1 Wheel
  • Competition Series Nitro-2 Wheel
  • Competition Series Qualifier Wheel
  • Competition Series Rev Wheel
  • Competition Series Split Spoke Wheel
  • Convo ET Wheel
  • Convo Pro Drag Wheel
  • Convo Pro Street Wheel
  • FWD Neutron Wheel
  • FWD Piranha Wheel
  • FWD Storm Wheel
  • FWD Viking Wheel
  • Fuel Wheel
  • Auto Drag 05 Series Satin Wheel
  • Auto Drag 06 Series Polished Wheel
  • Auto Drag III 17 Series Polished Wheel
  • Nitro Wheel
  • Orion Wheel
  • Rapid Wheel