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Racing has potential disaster inherent in it. Race cars burn super flammable fuels including alcohols. You have to plan on the worst case scenario. You don't want to be in the middle of a vicious crash thinking, I hope my race suit doesn't burn. Get the best flame resistant fabric you can get. CarbonX calls it non-flammable. In testing, CarbonX fabric has withstood a blow torch and didn't burn, ignite or melt. The test was incredible because it was direct flame with a blow torch and CarbonX fabric was tested 20 times longer than other competitors. If your safety depends on racing clothing, look for better brand race clothing made with CarbonX material. It's your life, protect it with CarbonX.

  • Oakley Underwear with CarbonX technology
  • Oakley Driving Suit with CarbonX technology