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No other company has offered as many quality steering components as Borgeson. They've been the name in steering components for decades. If you've seen a row of hot rods at a show, chances are a good number of them use Borgeson steering parts. Borgeson steering u-joints are perhaps their most well known product. Steering u-joints are used to connect steering shaft from a steering column to the steering box or rack and pinion system.

Steering shaft comes in 2 main shapes: Double D is flat on 2 sides and round on the other 2. Looking at the end of the shaft or cross section, the Double D steering shaft looks like 2 capital letter D's where one if flipped so you can connect the flat side of the D to the flat side of the other D. Splined shaft is also common. Borgeson makes splined shaft in many lengths so you can custom build your steering system. Borgeson Double D shaft is good because you cut it to length and use it. However, it only slides into the receiving u-joint 2 ways. It has no fine adjustment for phasing. Borgeson splined steering shaft does, because you can rotate the shaft one spline and it still fits. U-Joints come in several materials for everyday use and polished up street rods.