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B & M

B & M has been upgrading transmission since the 1960's. Over the years, they've developed a number of products used to race automatic transmissions. Their shift improvement kits are famous, including the Trans Pak. B & M offers a complete line of shifters for automatic transmissions and manual transmissions. They build shifters that are universal and specialized. In more recent years, B & M has added torque converters, gauges, transmission accessories, roll control systems, shifter knobs and handles, trans coolers as well as transmission fluid.

    B & M Auto Shifters
  • MegaShifters
  • QuickSilver Shifters
  • Unimatic Shifter
  • Z-Gate Shifter
  • Hammer Shifters
  • Light Truck MegaShifter
  • Sport Shifter
  • StarShifter
  • Street Bandit Shifters
  • Street Rod Shifters
    B & M Racing and Manual Shifters
  • Pro Bandit Race Shifters
  • Pro Ratchet Race Shifters
  • Pro Stick Race Shifters
  • Pro Ripper Shifter
  • Ripper Shifters
  • Short Throw Truck Sport Shifters
    B & M Shifter knobs and Trans Coolers
  • Shifter Knobs - Ball Style
  • Transmission Fluid Consistency System
  • Custom Shifter Knobs
  • Shifter Knobs - T Handle Style
  • Synthetic Trick Shift Trans Fluid
  • Trick Shift Trans Fluid
  • GM Engine Oil Cooler
  • Hi-Tek Cooling System
  • Hi-Tek trans coolers
  • SuperCooler Transmission Cooler
    B & M Launch Control, Cables, Torque Converters
  • Launch Control
  • Shifter Cables
  • TV/Kickdown Cable
  • Tork Master Converters
  • Holeshot Converters
  • Control & Shifter Cables
  • Quick Release Cable Extension
    B & M Gauges, Brackets & Shift Improver Kits
  • Transpak
  • Governor Recalibration Kit
  • Light Truck Shift Improver Kit
  • Shift Improver Kit
  • ShiftPlus Electronic Shift Improver
  • Transkits
  • Transmission Temperature Gauge
  • Blackout Gauges
  • Fuel Pressure Gauge Set for Honda/Mitsubishi
  • Automatic Shifter Brackets and Levers