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Baer Brake

Biondo was at the forefront of building delay boxes in the beginning. Biondo and the family that started it, has been in drag racing since 1958. That's a long time to and a lot of development time to perfect electronic racing products. Today, Biondo offers a number of delay boxes used in drag racing. In addition, they offer transbrake switches, dial boards, electric solenoid shifters and more.

  • Biondo Elite 500 Delay Box
  • Biondo MEGA350 Delay Box
  • Biondo Mega 450 Control Box
  • Biondo Mega 85 with 4-Stage Timer
  • Biondo Mega-200 Delay Box
  • Biondo The Little Wizard Delay Box
  • Biondo Digital Mega Dial Board
  • Biondo Mega Dial Panels
  • Biondo Electric Solenoid Shifter Kit
  • Biondo Single and Double Shift RPM Activated Switch
  • Biondo Double O Transbrake Switch
  • Biondo Ultra Quick Switch
  • Biondo Electric Solenoid Shifter Kit