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ATI Performance Products

ATI builds a number of performance products for the race community. ATI dampers are one of their better known items. ATI offers the Street Damper, Race Damper, Serpentine Damper and supercharger dampers. It pays to buy ATI dampers. If you buy a cheap one, you'll regret it. The price of an ATI damper is far less than the parts it will take to rebuild your engine.

ATI is also known for their race and street transmissions. Competition, Ultra Turbo and Street/Strip transmission versions are available for Ford C4, C6 : Chevy - Powerglide, TH350, TH400 and 700R4 : Chrysler 727 and 904 transmissions. ATI transmissions are fully blueprinted and made for performance. They come with valve body options to fit your needs. ATI also makes torque converters and SFI flexplates to finish off that tranny install.

Crate engines are another product built at ATI that most people don't realize they actually build. ATI has a number of engines in its stable. You can get engines in numerous cubic inch models for SBC, BBC, SBF, BBF, Chrysler 360 and 408 small blocks. Each crate engine is blueprinted and dynoed with new parts. Quality parts highlight the engine builds.