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Airaid Air Intake Kits - Air Filters

Get some easy power with an Airaid cold air intake kit. Stock air filters typically do not flow air as the Airaid intake systems and filters. Intake tubes are formed with smooth curves to provide a smooth path for air entering the engine.

    Airaid Air Intake Kits & Filters
  • AirAid Chrome Top Crankcase Breather Filters
  • AirAid Chrome Top Shielded Breather Filters
  • AirAid Cold Air Intake Systems
  • AirAid MXP Intakes
  • AirAid Modular Intake Tubes
  • AirAid Filter Tune-Up Kits
  • AirAid OE Replacement Filters
  • AirAid PowerAid Throttle Body Spacers
  • AirAid Pre-Filters
  • AirAid Rubber Top Crankcase Breather Filters
  • AirAid UBI Custom Intake Systems
  • AirAid Universal Filters