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For many years, Accel has been at the forefront of hot rodding and speed. Accel has offered good, quality products for Ford. GM and Mopar based engines. From Ignition producs: spark plugs, wires, distributors, ignition coils to fuel system products, Accel is at the forefront of speed technology.

If you're looking for top of the line ignition products for your muscle car, check out the Accel line.

  • Accel Coils & Accessories
  • Ignition Accessories
  • Spark Plugs
  • Starting and Charging
  • Accel Tune-Up & Service Parts
  • Accel Ignition Systems / Access.
  • Points Conversion Kits Tools
  • Accel Distributors
  • Plug Wires & Accessories
  • Truck Tune up Kits
  • Street Billet Electronic
  • Performance Replacement
  • Opti-Spark Distributors
  • All Items in Accel Distributors
  • Billetech Late Model Fuel Injection
  • Restricted Class Racing HEI
  • Billet Replacement HEI